Final Day of Sculpture installation

What a start of the day bless the rain. Here we are siting the base stone.

Getting truck into position.

Oh my goodness I can't look. Glad my mate had my camera.

In the air it goes the first of the standing stones.


And now for standing stone number 2.

Triple PHEW!! This is the first time both stones are connected to the base.

Off it goes. We had an issue with the base not lining up.

So we put the standing stone back on the track for a spell.

This time? Fingers Crossed.
AND success yippy.

On goes the stainless steel top brace. This is to hold the stones at that level and support for the waka. Yeap.

Up in the air 6 tons of stone sculpture. We had to remove for a spell to make adjustments on the holes in the concrete plinth. It seems that with all my measurements and planing was so spot on that we had to make more clearance so it would glide in easier.

And there it stands. After a wee spell a warm shower and dry clothes we all meet back up to install the Waka and the sun came out NICE.
The sculpture is titled "From the Mountain to the Sea"
A emotional moment

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