Capturing the Rock

There it waits

Loader and monster

Tex the farmer giving the monster a last hug goodbye.

Mt Taranaki on the road to Ohakune.

Finally in the yard of Timber and Stone Raetihi.

Kerry holding the monster down

Max called me on the evening of 10th July to say the rock is sitting on the farm track awaiting pick up at 8am. Next day at 6am Kerry and I were on the road negotiating the frosty Parapara Highway. First stop Max's Timber and Stone in Raetihi then onto the farm of Tex. There it sat the like a silent monster awaiting his chains on the frost covered ground. 8 tons (close estimate) of volcanic rock that had been spat out during the faraway time when New Zealand was being formed. So with precision farm machinery we maneuvered the 8 ton Monster onto the back of a truck then traveled onto Raetihi.

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